Saturday, July 24, 2010

A small "dent" in my skin has appeared on my face. Why!????

A small dent in my skin - about 3-4mm wide and about as deep as a sheet of paper - has appeared ony my face. It's just to the side of my nose imbetween my eyes. I have only recently noticed it, so it must only be within the last week or so that it has appeared.

It is not very deep at all, but it is noticeable. I do not get spots in this area, nor do i sunbathe/use sunbeds, so it is not an acne scar or skin cancer!!

My question is:

1. WHy has it appeared and what has caused it??

2. What can be done to level off the skin? I'm not being funny, but would a very light abrasive like extremely fine sand paper or a pummice stone help smooth off the skin and get rid of this dent/hole?

3. Or shall i leave it and will it eventually fill out??


A small "dent" in my skin has appeared on my face. Why!????
Fill it in with cement. You can pick a small bag up from B%26amp;Q for a couple of quid.
Reply:I'd go to the doctors anyway just to have it checked. If it doesn't go you can buy special make up- the kind that is used for acne marked skin. I'm sure that would work on the same principle. Could it be some sort of wrinkle?
Reply:I suggest not using anything on it. Your best bet is just to check with a dermatologist. It is quite possibly nothing to worry about.
Reply:Dont use a pumice stone as this will damage the rest of your face and leave you with a nasty rash which would look bad. Use some foundation for the moment and in a few weeks see if there is an improvement in the original hole as the skin can heal itself too.
Reply:If you are worried about it go see a dermatologist. It is probably nothing.
Reply:Your ars* is sucking your face off!!
Reply:Take the spoon out of the teacup before you drink your tea!
Reply:you frown to much.


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